Section 7 – Client Responsibilities

Checklist of Client Responsibilities

We will need your help to best represent you on your case. We cannot do it without your assistance. We will be able do our best if we work together as a team on your case. Here is a “List” of instructions and directions for you to keep in mind to help us better serve you during the course of your case

1. Medical Bills
Send us copies of your emergency room, x-ray, hospital, ambulance, doctor, physical therapy and prescription bills. We will need a copy of ALL of these medical bills.

2. Health Insurance
Send us a copy of your health insurance policy booklet. Send copies of bills to your health insurance carrier

3. Doctor’s Appointments
It is important not to miss your doctor appointments and to describe the effects of your injuries fully to your doctor. If you cannot work, make sure the doctor writes this in your medical records.

4. Auto Insurance
Send us a copy of the declarations page of your auto insurance policy listing your coverage.

5. Lost Wage Report
Complete and send us all of your “lost wages” reports.

6. Repair Estimates
Send us copies of your car repair estimates, bills, and orders.

7. Past Injuries
Do not fail to disclose past or current medical conditions. Honestly report all past injuries.

8. Evidence
Do not discard any physical objects (such as shoes, clothing, eye glasses, etc.) you were wearing at the time of your accident, unless your lawyer or legal assistant instructs you otherwise.

9. Be Honest
You must be completely honest with us about all aspects of the accident including your role in this accident.

10. Be patient
Realize this process will take some time and work together with us by showing patience when needed.

11. Confidentiality
Do not make any statements or give recorded interviews to any insurance company, including your own, without our prior knowledge.

12. Accident Witnesses
Send us a list of all witnesses to your accident including their name and phone numbers.

13. After Accident Witnesses
These are friends, neighbors, fellow employees or relatives who observed the extent of your injuries and the progress of your medical treatment. We may need one or more of them to testify on your behalf later, so keep a record of their names.

14. Journal
Keep a daily journal of all restrictions to your physical activities resulting from your injuries and of the experiences of your pain and suffering. We will request a copy of this journal later, as your case progresses. This journal will help your lawyer understand better the extent of your injuries, your pain and suffering, and will help your attorney argue your case more effectively.

15. Personal Background Information
Fill out the Personal Background Information Form and return it to our office as soon as possible. It is important to take your time and complete this form accurately. Inaccurate information could hurt your case.