Section 5 – Our Role

The Role of the Attorney and Your Legal Assistant

Role of Attorney

Rest assured that the lawyers of Carabin & Shaw will use our best judgment obtained through years of study and work to ensure your case is resolved in a reasonable manner according to the facts of the case. At all times, we your lawyers are required to be open and honest with you about your case in an ethical manner.

As your lawyers we will make assignments and oversee all of the work performed on your case. Once your medical treatment is completed and all finalized medical bills have been sent to us, and the facts of your case have been reviewed, your lawyer will recommend a strategy to be used in the settlement negotiation, or, possibly in litigation. The lawyer prepares your demand portfolio which includes copies of all medical bills, lost wages, and any other relevant documents.  It is then sent to the responsible person’s insurance company(s) along with our arguments demanding a fair and reasonable amount of money. The settlement negotiations now begin with the insurance company(s). Do not expect the insurance company to accept our first offer for settlement. Offers will be exchanged several times attempting to reach an acceptable “settlement value” of your case. Once you agree to a settlement, your lawyer will complete the necessary paperwork to process your settlement check. Please keep in mind this process is quite complicated and will take some time. If the insurance company(s) denies liability or does not provide an acceptable settlement value for your case we will discuss other options with you.

You have the right to participate in making the important decisions of your case, so your assigned lawyer will personally contact you when a decision needing your contribution is required. Please trust the advice of your lawyer on these major decisions. Your lawyer’s years of experience and training will best protect your interests. Your lawyer will never knowingly lead you to make an unwise decision.

Role of legal assistant

After you signed the Employment Contract, we assigned you a legal assistant. When you contact our office, your legal assistant should be your first contact. Your legal assistant is the person, other than your lawyer, who is always up-to-date on the specifics of your case. Your legal assistant will be better able to help you than anyone else. The lawyer assigned to your case is also fully informed on your case progress, but he or she will usually be occupied most of the day, either in court, at depositions, or in settlement conferences. If you feel it is important to speak directly to your assigned lawyer, your legal assistant will take a message and have your lawyer get back in touch with you as soon as possible.  If for some reason no one returns your call, please email Mr. Shaw by clicking on the form to the right of your screen.

If you call our office and no one is available to help you immediately, rest assured you will receive a call back the same day.