Section 8 – How to Communicate with Doctors

Tips on Communicating with Your Treating Doctors

It is very important that you pay close attention to your doctor’s instructions and follow them carefully.

You must make every effort to keep you doctor’s appointments. If you do not keep your appointments the insurance company will use that information against you unfavorably, as though you were not really hurt. If your case goes to litigation, it will also hurt your case when the insurance company’s lawyer tries to make the jury believe you were not really hurt since you missed appointments.

It is also important not to perform any activities that your doctor has deemed harmful to your recovery. If your doctor tells you that you should not work, you should also not do anything strenuous. Some Insurance companies videotape victims unawares in order to catch them doing things an injured person “who was actually hurt” would not be able to do.

Even though this may sound unbelievable or even shocking to you, it does happen and it is not worth lessening the value of your case by missing doctor appointments or by not adhering to your doctor’s instructions.

You will need to promptly reschedule any appointments you have already missed to try and remedy a bad situation. Accurately follow all medical advice that you receive from your doctors.

Please remember, it is extremely important to follow all of your doctor’s instructions and when it comes to your medical care, you are ultimately responsible for the decisions which will affect your case’s outcome.