Section 6 – Confidential Forms

This Section contains three forms that will help us reach a settlement on your case:

  1. The Daily Journal of Pain and Suffering
  2. Wage Loss Worksheet
  3. Medical Expense Record

Please take the time to print out both forms an fill them out every day.

The “Journal” is to help you keep accurate and important records of your pain, suffering, discomfort, and anxiety resulting from the accident.

Every few days, take some time to write down how your injuries have affected your life and daily routine. Of utmost importance note any restrictions or limitations you now experience.

The Wage Loss Worksheet will help you keep an accurate record of how much money you have lost due to the accident.

In the Medical Expense Record, you will list all expenses for prescriptions, doctor visits, and any other medical expense. Keep your receipts secure in an envelope.  Send us a copy of your receipts to be kept in your file.

Remember to update your journal, wage loss worksheet, and medical expense record often, or you might overlook important information, thoughts, or feelings that could help your case. Do not discuss the journal or wage loss worksheet with anyone besides your legal assistant or Attorney.

Click the buttons below to open the journal and wage loss worksheet.